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Michelle M. Hamor


Stylist and Styleworthy® salon (stylist/owner) Michelle M. Hamor received her training from some of the fashion and beauty industry's most legendary figures.  Growing up with family in the business, she began her career by landing a choice position apprenticing to Maurice Tidy, originally the artistic director for Vidal Sassoon.  From there she went on to spend seven years with Kenneth Battelle of the esteemed Waldorf-Astoria hair salon known simply as Kenneth. Her training also includes a stint with the prestigious Joseph Martin Salon.

Michelle's editorial work has appeared in top magazines ranging from Women's Wear Daily's "W", Self, Mirabella and Women's Day to Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens.  A passionate believer that hair is a woman's best accessory, hers is a unique vision incorporating innovative, sexy and feminine design.  From classic to contemporary, Michelle's signature trademark is an impeccable interpretation of personal style based on healthy hair. She not only styles her clients to best advantage, but also educates and empowers them to look and live beautifully every day.  (More...)