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An acknowledged problem solver and "stylist to the rescue", over 70% of Michelle's clients are referred to her because they know she can diagnose the problem, make the necessary changes, and plot a clear path to "hair recovery". Some who come to see her don't even realize what they need….only that they need a change.

Common refrains:

"It's a bad cut"

"It's too much work"

"My hair is too heavy (thin, frizzy, etc.)"

"It doesn't work with my lifestyle"

"Help! I'm trying to grow it out!"

"My look is too dated"

"I hate my color"

"My hair is unhealthy"

"I want long hair"

At Styleworthy®, Michelle and her stylists will work with you to enhance your natural hair texture and create a truly flattering look that is easy to maintain. For good measure, she'll show you three or four alternative ways to style the same cut.   Then, before you leave the salon she'll walk you through each step, until you ---working with product, blow dryer and brush --are confident you can do it at home.