advice & tips

Everyone can have the hair they want, short or long.  At Styleworthy® and here in our virtual salon, we're committed to giving you as many answers as possible about your hair related questions and problems, including styling tips and trends.

Tip of the Month:

  • Always blow dry your hairline first to give your "do" some lift and volume

Advice for Winning by "A Length":

  • Short, straight hair: Let it grow slightly longer so it's not spiky; be careful of cowlicks.
  • Long, straight hair: Keep it especially clean and fresh; otherwise it tends to flatten and appear messy.
  • Short, curly hair: Find the right products that keep it calm and smooth without greasing ringlets.   We love AG hair cosmetics.
  • Long, curly hair: Give hair a boost in height and volume, and keep it manageable by getting long layered cuts.
  • Curly hair: Experiment with different products until you find the perfect one for you that controls fuzziness but emphasizes the waves

Having a Bad Day?

Everyone has bad hair days, but when it comes to your professional life you run the risk of having bad years.

8 Styleworthy® Ways to Get a Handle on Your Hair:

  • Trim every 6-8 weeks. If your hair grows fast, make that every 4-5.
  • Heavily sprayed, crunched and gelled hair is like wearing a skirt slit up to the thigh.  Don't do it.
  • Find products that fit your hairstyle and your routine. At Styleworthy™ we love AG hair cosmetics.
  • Match your style to the vibe of your workplace, no matter what your position.
  • Long or short, hair that is clean and well groomed will look professional.
  • Stick to non-flashy accessories like tortoise shell jaw clips that keep hair tidy.
  • Look for a style in proportion to the size of your face and head.
  • Schedule touch-up cuts at the same time you get your hair colored.